The University of Toronto Journal of Political Science (UTJPS) is a student-run journal that publishes a yearly, open access, peer-reviewed issue containing original research conducted by forthcoming academics in all fields related to the discipline of political science. The Journal seeks to promote the work of a wide range of scholars both in Canada and internationally.


UTJPS was founded in 2015 as a platform for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to publish and encounter high-quality scholarly work and get the chance to contribute to bodies of literature relevant to their research interests. The Journal publishes one issue each year comprising 6-8 full-length, scholarly articles.


UTJPS is supported by the University of Toronto (U of T) Libraries' Journal Production Services, the U of T Department of Political Science, and the Graduate Association of Students in Political Science (GASPS). We are thankful for their assistance in ensuring the launch of a high-quality, student-run journal.


You can learn more about the people behind the Journal on our People section!

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